Below is a collection of important articles that will help you understand the situation more fully.

  • Here is a very important report of the Special Rapporteur to the United Nations High Commission On Human Rights on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, by John Dugard. Dugard analyzes why Israel is committing crimes of apartheid. {Download pdf}
  • The Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa (HSRC) has released a 2009 study concluding that Israel is practicing both Colonialism and Apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). See Report [Here]

  • Download our Israeli Apartheid Power Point Presentation. {Here}
  • In this article, Haretz (one of Israel's leading newspapers) lists why it is impossible for Palestinians to travel in the West Bank.
  • The Nation magazine recently published a story called the New McCarthyism. The story talks about how anyone who speaks the truth about the Israeli Palestinian conflict is attacked. Anyone who strays from the official view that Israel is the victim of terrorism (there is some truth to this), and therefore justified in the way it treats the Palestinians, is labeled as anti-semitic or a hate monger. Just look at what happened to Jimmy Carter

    • The Counsel for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding produces a wonderful fact sheet on the effects of the Israeli separation wall on Palestinians from the West Bank.
  • Norm Finklestein wrote a very succinct letter to the editor about why Israel is an apartheid state

Here is an interesting You Tube video on apartheid.