Anti-Apartheid Campaigns Around The World

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  • Palestinian Solidarity Commitee of South Africa (Johannesburg) [view]

  • Australia
  • Australians for Palestine [view]

  • Canada
  • Coalition Against Israeli Aparthied (Canada) [view]
  • Palestine Support Network [view]
  • Students for Palestinian Human Rights [view]

  • Europe
  • Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign [view]
  • Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign [view]

  • Israel
  • The Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions [view]

  • Palestine
  • Stop the Wall. A grassroots Anti-Apartheid wall campaign out of Ramallah Palestine [view]
  • International solidarity movement. Brings international activists supporting Palestinian non-violent resistance to occupation and apartheid. [view]
  • Palestine Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel: A comprehensive site started in 2004 by Palestinian academics in Ramallah. [view]

  • United States
  • American Muslims for Palestine: Empowerment through Education and Action. The mission of the American Muslims for Palestine is to educate the public about the just cause of Palestine and the rights of self-determination, liberty and justice. [view]
  • Bay Area Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid (Break the Siege) [view]
  • Bay Area Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid [view]
  • Boston Coalition for Palestinain Rights [view]
  • Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid Southern California [view]
  • Chicagoans Against Apartheid in Palestine [view]
  • Friends of Sabeel North American , a voice for Palestinian Christians. [view]
  • Idaho Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid [view]
  • Oregon Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid [view]
  • Palestine Solidarity Committee in Seattle [view]
  • Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign. [view]
  • The Coalition for Palestinian Rights (Minneapolis) [view]

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